My dear children – Some secrets for you!
You should feel very privileged that you got an opportunity to study in a college. Last year 7 lakh children wrote their 12th examination out of which 6lakh children where successful and one lakh children had lost. But all those 6 lakh children who passed their examination didn’t join college for higher studies. But why? Are they not interested? Though they have great desires, they are not able to study because they don’t have the means to afford college education.

Your parents have to spend Rs.500 everyday for your education. Everyday you have to think if what we learnt today. You have to ask to yourself, today I went to college, what did I learn? Only if you ask this question to yourself everyday, you can become successful.

Learn has much as you can at college. Go to college to expand your knowledge and not just to get certificate and a job. If you just go to college for time pass you will not get a good job without adequate skills. You need good language and communication skills also. If you don’t know Englsih, even if you have good marks you will not get the best jobs.

So, put all your effort in studies

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