I feel genuinely very happy that I get to meet more number of teenagers. When I am with them I too feel very young. However, when I listen to some irresponsible words from some of these young people, I become sad. When I ask them whether they had some physical exercise for the day, the common refrain is that they could not get up early and did not exercise. They fail to follow a regime.

However, when it comes to bad habits, they are quick to declare that it is not possible for them to quit. It appears that the sad state of affairs is that we do not let good habits to stay with us, while the bad habits do not let us leave.

I am particularly concerned with the growing alcoholism among the youth. When I was working in Chennai, we had to treat about 100 policemen who were alcoholic and rescue them from the clutches of alcoholism.

Young people should think whether getting addicted to alcohol is their goal.

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