Sir, Tell us about the people who inspire you.

Children from under privileged background who don’t even have any of the basic needs, striving hard to become successful in their lives have always been a great inspiration to me. In our country many people who have reached heights today, were from poor background in their childhood. I admire their success and the hard work behind it.

And I also get deeply inspired by the simplicity and humbleness in some of our leaders. Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam is a best example. His simplicity and humility travelled along with him transforming him from a great scientist to the President of our Country. He was a President whom people can easily approach.

This is one of the qualities that I would want to follow in my life and have done my best to make myself approachable. I feel very happy when people, especially the younger generation come to me with their complaints and grievances. I feel this is a very important quality that a Police Officer should have.

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