Police Experience 2

This is an incident which apart disturbed me not just as a police officer but also pains beyond .It’s about a 16 year old girl who has finished her 10th Standard and should be joining 11th this year. She went missing one day morning and the parents didn’t know where she had left. Later they found that she had gone away with a 28 year old van driver who is married and father of 2 children. Both their mobile phones are switched off.

Looking at the state of parents who haven’t slept or ate for days and crying for their daughter, brings tears in my eyes. Is sixteen, an age to get married? When I think about this girl, who has not just lost her studies but has also lost her life and hiding herself somewhere, my anger turns towards the youngsters.

We are in search of that girl. We would find her soon. But it pains to see the agony of the parents.

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