Police experience 4

Take care of your children
Gudiyatham Police Station registered a complaint from a father about his daughter who was missing. This five year old girl who went to school didn’t come back home.

After two days of intense search the dead body of this girl was found inside a polythene bag. The postmortem report was shocking which revealed that this girl was raped before she was killed.

When we found the culprit who did this, it was even more shocking. The priest of a nearby temple has kidnapped the girl while she was returning home from school.

There was another allegation of molestation of an 8 year old girl against him a few years ago.
It was this suspicion that had prompted teh police to interrogate him.

People believe that the priest is selfless and prays for their well being and pay all respects have done this inhuman crime

These men are very dangerous. They are described as ‘pedophilic’ . Such dangerous criminals are very much next to us. Parents should be aware of such things. It is never advisable to leave your young children alone. Leave them only with your trusted relatives.

Always, it is very late when we realise our mistakes. Let this not happen to any child.

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