Police Experience 1

My day starts invariably with meeting public, and going through their complaints. During one such morning, I met those two kids, who came to my office. They were there, standing very hesitantly. I sat in front of them and asked them what did they want. “We want to lodge a complaint,” said one of them, who appeared to be older than the other. “Against whom?” I asked him with a smile.

“Against our parents,” replied the younger one, “They are fighting with each other every day.” The smile in my face disappeared. Many parents do not understand that their selfish fights adversely affect their children.

I called in their parents and arranged for a counseling session for them. I could understand the extent to which the children were hurt that they had decided to step into the police station at this young age to complain about their parents. Having arranged for the counseling, I had the satisfaction of having discharged my social obligation, in addition to attending to my duty of maintaining law and order.

Husband and wife can fight but parents should not!

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