Police Experience 3

Be cautious before you purchase a land!
He is one of the famous Doctors in the city, his dream was to build a hospital. A man from his native who has fixed some land dealings earlier for him approached him with a land offer in Madipaakam. The doctor fully trusted him because of earlier experiences with him and went along with him to visit the place. As he liked the land he decided to purchase it .

He paid more than 2 crores and got the purchase documents. As he found something suspicious in the documents, he had given it to his friend who is a lawyer and then found it was the document of some other land.
The worried doctor has approached the locals to support him who told about the fraudulent activities of this person. Now he has approached the Police and has registered a complaint against him. The Police have also started their investigation
The doctor has spent all his hard earned money and has learnt a costly lesson.
Do not be hasty while you purchase of land. Be cautious and pay only when you are thorough with the clear title of the document.

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