Banish worries

Those who have lost their peace of mind always worry about something or the others. They keep accusing themselves or others for their failure. They feel bad about what had happened or what had not happened in the past and brood over it.
What I would like to reason out with such people is this, “What is the benefit of worrying over a bad situation?” If you have the confidence of facing the situation and solving the problem, then why should you worry about it? If you can’t really solve the problem then what is the use of worrying over it? Therefore no matter whether you can solve the problem or not, worrying about it is an absolutely unnecessary act. It actually serves no purpose but it could be extremely detrimental to your health.

I am not telling you that you should not bother about a problem at all. When you face a problematic situation, you must do two things. Firstly, visualize the worst possible outcome and mentally prepare yourself for the inevitable. Most often the worst does not happen. Secondly, face the problem in a more logical manner by talking action.
In both these situations you must never ever worry about the problem or its consequences. Mental worries increase your mental stress and you may end up in depression. Now, if you are unable to solve problem despite your best efforts, just leave it. Go with the flow. Some problems have no solution at all and eventually they get solved with time. If one of your loved ones passes away, what can you do about it? Nothing. Forget about it, don’t brood over it. If you do so, it is worse than the original tragedy.

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